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21 advanced PR strategies

Online PR course for communications- and marketing professionals.

  • Are you looking to take your PR skills to the next level?
  • Want to add fresh PR strategies to your toolbox?
  • Do you need better results from your PR activities?

Then this online PR course for you.

It's all about getting people to talk about your brand. Getting people to engage with your content. Securing exposure through publicity. Changing people's minds and encouraging them to take action.

In 21 thought-provoking lessons, I will detail powerful PR strategies that you can put to good use directly in your organization — or for your clients.

And most of the strategies are digital first.

Some of these PR strategies are used by governments, established political parties, lobby groups, and major corporations.

This is not a course that will tell you the basics of PR. If you're reading this, then you probably have that covered. This is a course for professionals looking for fresh ideas and powerful approaches.

The contents of the course

These are the 21 advanced PR strategies that we will cover in the course:

  • 1-Page Strategy
  • Surround Strategy
  • Pre-Suasion Strategy
  • Pitch Wheels
  • Core Messaging
  • Content Themes
  • Iceberg Publishing
  • Follower Contract
  • Honeymoon Outreach
  • Loop Design
  • Superhero Solution
  • OPA Strategy
  • Easy Streets
  • Inbound Harvesting
  • Arena Strategy
  • Level 5 Strategy
  • Triangulation Strategy
  • Massive Action
  • Backend Community
  • Authority Workaround
  • Copywriter's Revenge

Each of the 21 lessons contains a short podcast where I outline the details of the specific strategy. Depending on the type of strategy, you will also get workshop slides and other types of useful visuals. Each lesson also contains a workbook resource that will help you apply the strategy in your organization.

Who is this course for?

This coursed is first and foremost aimed at communications- and marketing professionals.

You could be a seasoned professional looking for fresh strategic ideas, You could be a practitioner looking to upgrade your arsenal with fresh approaches.

Or, you could be an ambitious PR student looking to develop an edge to your career, or an entrepreneur or business leader looking to better understand the value and possibilities of advanced PR strategies.

  • Will the strategies work for both B2C and B2B? Yes!
  • Will the strategies work for public institutions? Yes!
  • Will the strategies work for both profits and non-profits? Yes!
  • Will the strategies work for both small and big brands? Yes!

A few specific strategies (like word-of-mouth-centric strategies) will be of most value (but not only!) in B2C settings. A few specific strategies (like content-centric strategies) will be of most value (but not only!) in B2B settings. But most strategies are applicable to both B2C and B2B settings.

Meet your instructor

My name is Jerry Silfwer and I'm from Sweden. I've created successful PR strategies for global leaders in everything from the world of fashion and cosmetics to enterprise technology manufacturers. I've made it a point to divide my efforts between global and local, B2C and B2B, the public- and private sector, and for-profits and non-profits.

I've worked in C-level positions for prestigious agencies in both New York and Stockholm and been named the most digitally influential PR person in Scandinavia by Cision.

Currently, I'm the CEO of KIX Communication Index, a Swedish method developed by leading communications scientists for measuring an organization's communication maturity.

What exactly is an 'advanced PR strategy"?

One of the 21 advanced PR strategies I will teach you is the Stupid Majority. I expand on the thinking behind this particular strategy in this 18-minute TEDx-talk (130,000+ views):

How this course works

The course is "dripped" one strategy lesson per day for 21 days. While each lesson is created to be used a standalone strategy, I highly recommend students to take them in order. Much effort has been put into the progression from start to finish and each module builds upon the understanding of previous modules.

You will have access to all strategy lessons and all the course material for as long as the course is available (at least 12 months after signup). If the course is revised or updated, you will still have access to your online dashboard with all the material.

As an enrolled student of this course, you will get a priority email address for support and follow-up questions on the course material.

The FLIP Framework

When learning, we sometimes encounter realizations that forever changes the way we think about a certain topic. I call these realizations "flips". This course is uniquely designed around 21 such "flips" that I've carefully harvested during 21 years of thought leadership in the public relations industry.

The Flip Framework is in my experience the most efficient way to gain vast amounts of valuable insight in the shortest amount of time. Each of the 21 "flips" in this PR course has the potential of drastically benefit your professional career.

Why does this course even exist?

A few words on why this course even exists in the first place: There are not many, but a few, online PR courses out there. From talking with friends in the industry, many of these courses are aimed at newbies. Others are just scams on "how to get publicity for free".

But with the Covid-19 pandemic and many professionals looking to upgrade their skill sets, I often get asked to recommend online PR courses aimed at already strong communications- and marketing professionals. Since I'm passionate about sharing my PR insights, both on my blog and elsewhere, I decided to create this course.

What the course is NOT about

This online PR course emanates from the PESO-model (paid, earned, shared, owned) for media. The focus for this course is to teach you how to successfully create PR strategies for earned, shared, and owned media — not paid.

If you're looking for a digital marketing course on how to run ads in social media and on search engines, then this isn't the right course for you. This is a course about getting exposure in other ways than paying to have your ads shown.

This is not a video course. The lessons consists of whitepapers, theoretical models, flowcharts, step-by-step playbooks, process overviews, templates, cheatsheets, self-test assignments, suggested reading lists etc. Each strategy is also described in an audio format, so you can go through this course as a series of 21 podcasts if that fits well with your style of learning.

Also, I will not be trying to sell anything to you. I already have PR clients and a healthy waiting list. You will get senior and independent advice with no commercial strings attached.

The Advanced PR Strategies course diploma

You're more than welcome to go through the course whenever and however it best suits your needs. Once you buy, you decide.

However, if you wish to get the Advanced PR Strategies diploma, you will have to answer the 21 questions (100+ words per question) attached to this course — and send them to me for evaluation. In-between 7-14 days, I will send you my notes and a signed course diploma (pdf) with your name.

Support for online students

Everyone can get stuck sometimes. Or maybe you just want to discuss the lessons with a community of your peers?

All students will get access to a student-only Facebook group where you can discuss and collaborate.

You will also get access to direct support from me, your instructor, either via the Facebook group or via the support email adress specifically setup for student interaction.


Online Course:
21 Advanced PR Strategies

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