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Facebook Zero

Those Facebook fans you paid once to acquire, you must now pay twice to reach. Time to adapt to "Facebook Zero."

17 Cool Brand Tweets

A collection of cool brand tweets. Maybe it's time for your brand to go outside of your Twitter comfort zone, too?

Dark Social

How much is shared via email, messaging apps, and closed forums? According to Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic, quite a lot.

The Clever Pinterest Virus

I clicked an image ad because I wanted to know who would be repinning such a pointless item. And - boom! - suddenly the Pinterest virus ended up on one of my boards as well.

How to Waste Money on Social Media

Lots of companies waste money on social media marketing — despite good intentions. Which pitfalls could you avoid?
Jerry Silfwer is an awarded freelance consultant specialising in digital strategy and public relations. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.