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Here you’ll find all Doctor Spin’s articles on lifehacks, daily routines, and self improvement.

My 2016 Annual Review: The Year of Milestones and Business as Usual

Not my best year, but I got a nice award. Review format inspired by James Clear.

The Epic Year

How to live a fuller life? Design your own epic year by making sure to experience at least four life-changing leaps each and every year.

My Official Phone Policy

Why I rarely answer unscheduled phone calls — here's my official phone policy.

My 2015 Annual Review

The year when I decluttered my life.

My 2015 Morning Routine

This is my morning routine, including the use of nootropics, image-streaming, and soundwave meditation.

My 2014 Annual Review

The year when Jack came along and changed everything.
Jerry Silfwer is an awarded PR consultant and spin doctor based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also a popular speaker on inbound marketing, social media, and corporate creativity.