Late Bloomers

A beautiful set of delicate flowers taken in October, 2019.
These beautiful late bloomers are pushing through the cold even in late October.

Dark Tones

A close up photo of a the headlights of a black Audi Quattro.
You grab the camera and you get in the car and you just drive wherever to see what you see.

Fall Tones

Portrait photo of Lisah Silfwer, television host and news anchor in Stockholm, Sweden.
Wifey Lisah Silfwer — if she were to rob a bank.

The Royal

Fashion photo of Lisah Silfwer, television host and news anchor in Sweden, set against a backdrop of fall colours.
Red and orange are difficult to pull off — but not for wifey Lisah Silfwer.


Close-up photo of an old graveyard chain link.
Found this remarkable chain while I was skulking around an old graveyard with my camera.

Artificial Artefact

A photo of a transparent umbrella on the ground.
A transparent umbrella on the ground because… I don’t know, really.


A landscape photo of an old bridge in Stockholm, Sweden.
This was an extraordinary moment that I will remember for its stillness.

Fire Walk With Me

A close-up photo of a small campfire.
This is probably the best way to forget about your to-do list for a while.

Stay Still

A photo of an old rowboat in Mora, Sweden.
Fall is more than just a time of year — it’s a feeling.

All Play

A photo of Jack Silfwer, son of Lisah and Jerry Silfwer.
Gosh, our son Jack is five years old now. Time flies!

Stand Out

A moody photo of a red fern.
Being different can be tough, but it’s also a great PR strategy.

Moody Scenes

A nature photo of Lisah Silfwer standing on a bridge in Stockholm, Sweden.
Wifey Lisah Silfwer is checking her Instagram while I struggle to get this shot.

Look Sharp

A photo of Jerry Silfwer's knife — a Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Carbon.
My Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Carbon — just as rugged as the name suggests.

Winter Green

A macro photo of dew droplets on winter green grass.
Sometimes you have to look closely to find the shot.

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