My journey into photography

My highly visual descent into a kind of soft-lit madness.

I’m trying to figure out photography.

Here’s a timeline of my progress so far:

Taking iPhone pictures thinking I’m Picasso of digital photography.

Starting to follow photographers on Instagram and realising I’m crap.

Asking my wife to teach me, but she’s a natural and can’t explain how she does it.

Borrowing my wife’s Canon 70D to teach myself.

Becoming frustrated with not understanding “Manual Mode”.

Watching YouTube tutorials on shutter speed and aperture only to become more confused.

Going back to iPhone photography by getting a newer model with “a really good camera”.

The iPhone camera does strange things and I realise that I’m basically destroying my pictures when I edit them.

Trying lots of apps only to realise that most of them are only marginally better than Instagram’s native tools.

I try Adobe Lightroom CC and my mind is blown.

I spend 100+ hours of watching Lightroom tutorials on YouTube.

Realising that I need to be taking high-quality RAW photos. Going back to my wife’s Canon 70D.

I still can’t figure out “Manual Mode”, but this time I’m putting in 250+ hours on YouTube.

After 4,000+ pictures, I start getting the hang of “Manual Mode”. And look at me dodging and burning in Photoshop!

Getting more likes on Instagram which leads me to believe that I’m Michelangelo reborn. At least for almost a full day.

Caring less about gear and editing and more about composition.

Realising I know jack shit about subjects, leading lines, balance, rule of thirds, negative space, separation and so on.

Following better photographers on Instagram. Thinking of giving up.

Taking a good picture by chance. More YouTube tutorials, more practice.

Getting my own DSLR (Canon 5D MKII) and taking an interest in light. Feeling the madness slowly taking over.

And here we are. Work in progress. If you want to see me go insane in real-time, follow @jerrysilfwer on Instagram.
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Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer aka Doctor Spin is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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