Looking for iOS apps to enhance your Instagram workflow?

These are the Instagram apps the I currently use:

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile. My editing process is fairly straightforward; I shoot RAW with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and I import the memory card files into a cloud-only Dropbox-folder. From that Dropbox-folder I import only the pictures that are fairly decent into Creative Cloud. Then, I’ll use Lightroom Mobile to crop my chosen picture to 5:4, test out a few presets to get started and then finish off using tone curves to get the look I want.

Adobe PS Express. I use Photoshop’s mobile app if I want to make any difficult object removals, however such occasions are rare. I’m not into manipulating shots apart from Lightroom adjustments. I will however use Photoshop (but then only on desktop) to dodge and burn portrait shots when I need to retouch skin.

Adobe Photoshop Fix. This app has the powerful Photoshop function Liquify. It’s sort of like magic, but I one must be careful not to go too far with it. It’s also great for more stubborn object removals.

Creative Cloud. I have a personal folder system so that I can sort and file edited and unedited photos continually. For Instagram, I have a folder with shots ready for publishing. I use this folder to get a sense of what my grid will look like.

Guru Shots. This is a heavily gamified app in which you can repost your Instagram shots and compete against other photographers. This way I can get more data on each and every picture I post to continuously learn more about what type of photography that works from an engagement perspective. I often check out the winners of these contests for inspiration.

Cleaner. This is the app that keeps my Instagram presence honest. It can sort out your inactive users (users who aren’t active on Instagram) and ghost followers (users that never engage with your content). By blocking (and then unblocking) them you remove followers that are hurting your overall engagement ratio. It’s tough to see your follower count go down for sure, but it’s better to have your following count to reflect the real interest in your content.

Hashtag Book. A free little app where I can save my various hashtag sets in copyable folders. Saves me a lot of time when posting to Instagram.

Unfold. I’m not keen on creating content with Instagram Stories; I find the graphical elements on Stories to be a bit immature and corny for my taste. Unfold has several sets of pre-formatted Story templates, stickers and fonts that in my opinion looks good.

PhotoPills. When learning about photography, I like to inform myself using data. This handy little app is great to benchmark your assumptions in the field when it comes to your choice of aperture, exposure, ISO, focal distances and much more. This app helps me to know the exact timings for Golden Hour, Blue Hour, and Twilight Hour at any specified locations. It’s also useful to scout locations as it shows where the sun will be at when you’re there.

Sun Seeker. Rock hard daylight is often difficult to work with. It has more advanced functions than PhotoPills; you can use map overlays and even AR (augmented reality) to keep track of the sun. Moon Seeker does the same thing for the moon.

Filmic Pro. I only use my Canon EOS 5D Mark II for still photography. When it comes to shooting video or timelapses, I rely on my iPhone 7 Plus and Filmic Pro. Once you learn the app, it’s easy to control focus, frame-rate outputs and white balance. I don’t shoot much video for Instagram, so this is a good enough setup for me.

InShot. I use this app if I have to edit Story videos, but I’m searching for an alternative with a larger audio library (preferably Epidemic Sound) and a feature that will automatically cut chosen videos to match the beat of the audio.

Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash.