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Fall color palette with Lisah

Found this lovely fall color palette.

The autumn leaves, the bark on the trees, wifey’s long brown hair, dusty black tones. It was a short photowalk, but we managed to get lots of good shots wit that fall feeling.

Portrait photo of Lisah Silfwer, television host and news anchor in Stockholm, Sweden.
Wifey Lisah Silfwer — if she were to rob a bank.

As for my photography project, we’re I try to learn to use my DSLR camera, I’ve been focusing a lot on color lately.

Close-up photo of an old graveyard chain link.
Found this remarkable chain while I was skulking around an old graveyard with my camera.

Sure, when it comes to finding a color palette for a specific photo, a lot can be done in the editing software, but they key is of course to train your eye to see exciting tones using only your eyes.

A close up photo of a the headlights of a black Audi Quattro.
You grab the camera and you get in the car and you just drive wherever — to see what you see.

I think that I’m beginning to understand the interplay between light and color. Sure, from a physics perspective, I fully understand that color is reflected light, but in photography, I think, there’s also a wondrous storytelling going on between exposure and color harmonies.

A beautiful fall color palette of delicate flowers taken in October, 2019.
These beautiful late bloomers are pushing through the cold even in late October.

In many ways, I’m beginning to see how color toning isn’t just about having certain colors go together, but how there’s also a delicate balance between hot and cold, dark and bright, and focused and unfocused.

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Photos taken with a Canon 70D and a 50mm 1.8 lens.

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