The Personality Test and My Lack of Conscientiousness

Two years ago, I took the most researched and well-documented personality test, the Big Five Aspects Scale. Here's what I've learnt about myself since.

18 Months of Sudoku

From knowing next to nothing about sudoku, after 18 months, I now know lots of things that I never even knew there was to know about this beautiful puzzle.

10 Years of Learning Business English — The Results

I decide to get better at English. Now, ten years — and many English sentences! — later, I'm hereby declaring this project to be finalised.

A Mind Palace to Control Emotions and Enhance Cognitive Abilities

How do you build your own mind palace? And can you use your mind palace for something other than just memorising long sequences of information?

My 2019 Annual Review

Time for my 2019 annual review. In this post, I'll do my best to answer these three questions:This format is inspired by James Clear's annual...

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