This is Rebirth, a real-time cinematic produced by Sweden-based Quixel, harnessing the power of Unreal Engine and real-world scans from the Megascans Icelandic collection.

A few thoughts:

Imagine playing games in virtual, streamed, and mixed reality with this kind of photorealism. Whoa. Take my money, already.

Imagine unleashing almost everyone’s creativity in visual storytelling once this type of technology becomes easy to use for everyone. And, imagine how this will disrupt Hollywood and film-making in general. In many ways, it’s mind-blowing that the unreal engine can be downloaded for free.

Imagine teaching artificial intelligence to create photorealistic megascans at the push of a button. Given how AI already can produce realistic faces and deepfakes, this shouldn’t be far off in the future.

During the “State of Unreal” GDC opening session, Goodbye Kansas and Deep Forest Films revealed “Troll,” a real-time technology demonstration using Unreal Engine 4.22 ray tracing, camera effects, and cinematic-quality lighting using complex soft shadows and reflections.