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Unreal Engine 5 is a beast

The Unreal Engine 5 demo should be interesting (and worth a watch) for everyone outside of the gaming universe as well.

Unreal Engine 5 has got me all hyped up.

I’m as much a gamer as one can be.
Without being an actual gamer, that is.

Some find the reason for my non-gaming life quite funny; I’m a lousy player as I find it almost impossible to manage too many buttons and combinations at once.

Sure, I could probably learn with enough practice, but most games stresses me out.

A monster jumping out from the shadows could probably give me a heart attack. The whole thing would be quite funny if it weren’t for the fact that I love the gaming universe.

What I do instead is that I watch Let’s Play Walkthroughs on Youtube.

I very much prefer watching a good player tackle the games instead having to watch myself as I’m continuously never getting anywhere. Some types of games are better for watching, so I tend to favour story-driven games with great graphics.

So yeah, I don’t watch a lot of Minecraft playthroughs.

As a side-note: I did recently try my hand at playing Uncharted: A Thief’s End — a game I very much enjoyed watching. To my surprise, the controls we’re boring and the game, at least as far as I played it, felt like one long cut-scene.

Unreal Engine 5 | Videos to Watch | Doctor Spin
Nathan Drake, bonafide cut-scene hero.

Fun to watch, but (apparently) not that much fun to play. But I digress.

Still, I do love gaming without actually being a gamer myself. Alas, when they showcased Unreal Engine 5, I was genuinely excited like so many others. It was a mild excitement this time, though, because I remember how absolutely beautiful the Unreal Engine 4 looked.

And even though we got to see some great-looking games after that, what comes out in the actual games aren’t necessarily what’s pushing the envelope in terms of graphics.

In any case, the Unreal Engine 5 demo should be interesting (and worth a watch) for everyone outside of the gaming universe as well. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think of future use cases for this type of dynamic photorealism outside of gaming as well.

Think of a future where the unreal looks more real than reality itself.


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Jerry Silfwer, aka Doctor Spin, is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Currently CEO at KIX Communication Index and Spin Factory. Before that, he worked at Kaufmann, Whispr Group, Springtime PR, and Spotlight PR. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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