Blog PostsUse the Internet Marketing Matrix To Structure Digital PR Activities

Use the Internet Marketing Matrix To Structure Digital PR Activities

Many organisations are looking for simple ways to organise and measure their online activities. I like to use this spreadsheet to help them set up a structure that will cover their basis and ensure that the different parts of the digital strategy works well together.

The Internet Marketing Matrix is a model to help you structure all your digital marketing activities.
The Internet Marketing Matrix.

My notes on using the matrix

  • For more on the difference between Inbound and Outbound, see The Inbound Marketing Paradigm.
  • Community is the number of people already following your brand, whether its blog subscribers, email opt-ins, social media fans, inbound traffic, brand ambassadors, etc.
  • Reach is the number of people your brand actually reached through digital channels during a set period of time.
  • Impact is the first-step activation, like social media engagement, click-throughs, opt-ins, etc.
  • Conversion is the final-step activation which often is sales.
  • Cost and Revenue should include cross-referenced costs and revenues. Example: Email marketing should add content creation as a cost with the corresponding budget added as a revenue for content marketing.

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