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I’ve been very lucky as far as online viruses go, and I never expected a Pinterest virus to surprise me so completely. I did have some problems with getting my Hotmail account hacked once and I’ve also had some problems with malware, adware and spyware before switching to Apple products.

However, now I seemed to have caught a virus messing with me — on Pinterest of all sites.

How did that happen?

I Had Never Seen A Virus On Pinterest Before

When you pin something on your board, you can always edit it. But when I clicked a pin looking like an ad. I clicked it because I wanted to know why anyone would be repinning such a pointless image to their board. And – boom! – suddenly it ended up on one of my boards as well.

Stupid, I know. I’m usually very smart about these things, but this time, someone got the better of me. But this is very tricky; when I wanted to remove it, the edit button was somehow gone. Annoying — but pretty clever.

I don’t know if this is the first Pinterest virus around and I don’t know how it works. Did it lure me away from the site and fooled me to click on a replica page outside of Pinterest? If so, pretty well done indeed. I’m not usually that easy to fool.

I’m also not sure whether this is a bonafide virus, spyware, (browser) malware or what it is? I didn’t find a solution to it either because Pinterest (I guess) caught up with it and after a day, all signs of the image was gone and not to be found.

Removal Instructions For Pinterest Virus

Update: Here’s a few more instructions on how to deal with Pinterest viruses: