Easy street strategy

I don’t have any science to back this up and this line of thinking is still under development. But I think that this is important, so I’ll just throw this idea out anyway:

Most new strategies are difficult to implement — for whatever reasons, really. But a few new strategies are just a breeze.

These rare strategies just fits from the start. They make everyone involved happier. In every meeting or conversation, all you hear is “yes” and “of course”.

While there might be lots of work involved, these strategies somehow attracts good work as if they were magnets. And when you encounter untested or unexpected territory, they keep making sense.

I’ve come to call them easy street strategies.

My insight about easy street strategies is that they tend to outperform other strategies that technically ought to be superior — but require lots of explaining, convincing, learning, testing, coaching etc.

Ergo: Always be on the lookout for an easy street strategy.