Loose now, win later

Imagine a bunch of kids deciding on having a race with soapbox cars. They agree on a deadline and they get to building.

One kid gets an ambitious idea — “why not build a super-fast engine!” Since the kid doesn’t actually know anything about engines, he starts thinking and drawing sketching how to actually construct an engine. Needless to say, there are a lots of engineering challenges to overcome.

Especially since the kid only has a hammer, some nails and planks — and four rubber wheels.

And so, when it’s time for the race, the other kids are lining up on the starting line with their soapbox cars. Except, obviously, for the ambitious kid who’s still trying to solve his problem.

We shouldn’t think of a kids like these as losers. Sure, the kid didn’t even make it to the starting line of the race and lost. However, by opting for ambitions solutions and disregarding the odds, the kid might make it to other interesting starting lines later on in life instead.