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Home Office Setup (C19 Edition)

I wanted to share my home office setup.

Like most of us white collar workers, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking it’s time to go away, I’ve been upping my home office setup with some new gear.1 I love working from home and once the lockdowns goes away, I’m sure we all will be working in hybrid environments anyway.

Here goes:

Laptop: MacBook Air

Love the super-fast M1-chip!

I often need to take my laptop places, so I’ve had a long-standing love affair with MacBook Air. The 2020 M1-version also runs a bit more demanding program like Lightroom and Photoshop very smoothly. Also, it’s the prettiest laptop of them all!

Webcam: iPhone 7

Using an old iPhone as a stationary webcam.

I was going to upgrade my webcam until I realized I could use an old iPhone on a regular microphone arm. With a USB Lightning cable and Elgato’s EpocCam app, it just works.2

Microphone: Röde Procaster

A gain-hungry beast.

The Röde Procaster is a broadcast quality microphone, but you need to give plenty (as in a lot) of gain to do it justice. If I want to get fancy and juice up the sound real good, I run the signal to Ryan Freeman’s voice presets.

Audio Interface: Audient ID4

A small package with 58 dB gain.

My old Scarlett interface was just too weak to power my Röde Procaster, so I replaced it with this tough little kid — Audient ID4. It’s also a pretty piece of tech for your desk.

Inline Preamp: SE Electronics DM1 Dynamite

An explosive little gadget for extra gain!

Did I mention that I really like gain? This nifty little gadget, the SE Electronics DM1 Dynamite, gives me an extra +28dB of clean gain. Boom!

Inputs: Magic Keyboard & Magic Mouse

Did I mention that I’m an Apple fanboy?

I’ve tried Logitech stuff, but I always go back to Apple’s own input devices. They are wireless, sleek, and — most importantly! — space gray. Good enough for me.

Earphones: Apple AirPods

Using an old iPhone as a stationary webcam.

I used my Bose QuietComfort 35 for a long time, but the problem with over-ear headphones, at least for me, is that they tend to get warm to wear when you do many Zoom calls every day. I find the Apple AirPods to be easier to wear for more hours per day.

Software: OBS Studio

Using an old iPhone as a stationary webcam.

People always say that OBS Studio comes with a steep learning curve, but I don’t so. I find the software to be extremely straightforward and easy to use. The fact that this software is open source is just wonderful.

What else? I’m looking to upgrade my computer monitor. I’m thinking a curved 27″ Samsung of some sort. I also need some lighting to enhance my appearance (and better see my keyboard at night). I’m thinking that Elgato have lots of cool lights.

And speaking of Elgato — a StreamDeck would be cool. Not entirely necessary for my use case, but it’s just a fun product to play around with, I think.

Sound? I don’t think I need separate studio monitors for computer sound; I run computer audio via Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil to any Bluetooth speaker in the apartment already, so that works just fine for me.


  1. I’ve used generic product shots for this blog post, since a principle of mine is to never share any photos online from inside my personal home. I love taking photos, for sure, but a principle is a principle.
  2. I’ve been thinking about running it through a clean HDMI out via Filmic Pro, but that would require some additional hardware. Extra control over exposure would be nice, but it would also mean extra steps before every call.
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