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Build Things

The other day, I went on Youtube to watch David Lynch build a stand for his mobile phone in his workshop.

Serendipitously, I myself have ideas for a new desk in my son’s room. I don’t have a workshop, but I think that I could build the desk. Not out of necessity, but as an act of defiance.

Defiance against getting everything served up, neatly packaged, and ready to be deployed. When you build something, you have to think about details and the big picture at the same time.

It’s not a stretch to think that we should strive to build things more often. Not only might it be a satisfying pastime, but I do think that it’s mentally and physically healthy, too.

As I’ve said many times before:

Thank you, David Lynch.

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Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer, aka Doctor Spin, is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Currently CEO at KIX Communication Index and Spin Factory. Before that, he worked at Kaufmann, Whispr Group, Springtime PR, and Spotlight PR. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.