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Mind Palace

My mind palace is a weird and strangely addicting passion project.

A Minecraft Memory

I walk through my mind palace when I find myself in situations of just waiting. Like when standing in line or in a waiting room to see a doctor, that sort of thing. I do this to reinforce my mind palace in my memory.

Also, I’ve been playing lots of Minecraft lately with my son. One thing that I’ve noticed about Minecraft is that it works very well with the type of memory recall that I have. If i build a large Minecraft structure and it gets destroyed, I can easily build it up again from scratch.

For some reason, I remember where every single block (sometimes thousands) should go. Put in other words: If I’ve built something in Minecraft once, I can build it again. (The same actually goes for Lego; I can recreate schematic Lego builds from my childhood as long as I have the right bricks.)

So, an idea is that I could easily recreate my mind palace in Minecraft. Thus hitting two parrots with one slab, so to speak.

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