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You might hate office politics — and that is understandable. Still, you could turn office politics into a valuable communication skill. Quick Links"I hate office politics, just let me do my job!"1....
Here are my personality test results from Understand Myself, recommended by Jordan B. Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.
Comedian Tim Minchin gives a speech at The University of Western Australia. Amazing advice, amazing delivery. Worth a watch.
Got this bad boy from my father-in-law who lives in Mora, Sweden where these knives are being manufactured. It's a Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Black.
This was a dead-end year with lots of learnings.
An animated video to showcase 12 psychology tricks to persuade others. It's valuable to know and practice these techniques to make yourself more immune to persuasion attempts by others.
Jerry Silfwer aka Doctor Spin is an awarded senior adviser specialising in digital strategy and public relations. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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