Yesterday, on December 13th of 2010, I got married to Lisah Silfwer (Pettersson).

We exchanged our vowes on a beach in a 100% non-religious ceremony on Antigua, West Indies. It rained all night, but we got to wake up to a beautiful rainbow in the morning and the weather was perfect for the rest of the day. Phew!

There was a malfunction, however, with Lisah’s wedding dress during the ceremony as one of her shoulder straps snapped, but as luck would have it, I just happened to carry a bobby pin in my pocket. I guess that was my definitive McGyver-moment, surely.

We had a magical day and Lisah and I couldn’t be happier. We’ll be staying here at the Cocobay Resort for a few weeks longer, before heading off to spend a few days at the Ladera Resort on St Lucia before celebrating the holiday season back in our apartment in New York.

For all our Swedish friends — thank you so much for all of your best wishes and we’ll see you all in January back home in Sweden.

Lisah Silfwer portrait.
Lisah Silfwer.

Photo by Jerry Silfwer on Free Stock Photos for Bloggers.

I love you, Lisah.