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I'm the awarded PR consultant who's been blogging before, during and after it was cool. I write about public relations, digital strategy, and communication psychology. Welcome to my online basecamp.

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My latest blog posts

The spiral of silence and the rise of populism

Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann's well-documented theory on the spiral of silence (1974) explains why fear of isolation might serve the emergence of populism.

Strugglers and smugglers

Since smugglers will get 80% of their results from 20% of their smuggles, they should find a balance of 80% smuggling and 20% struggling.

Corporate cringe — the overlooked problem of poor taste in communications

Unlike many creative professions, corporate communications have phased out the importance of having great taste as an actual skill. It's corporate cringe.

William Faulkner on writing from the heart

This is what the genius novel writer William Faulkner said in his 1950 acceptance speech for Nobel Prize in Literature on the matters of the heart.

Storycrafting — how to get people to talk about your startup

In terms of corporate communication, businesses in general — and startups in particular! — should focus less on storytelling and more on storycrafting.