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The Diamond

In this short film, some people gather to sift through dirt atop of an old volcano to search for diamonds — or something.

Social Objects in PR

Social objects matter in PR — getting people to talk with each other about strategically chosen topics is a cornerstone in modern PR.

PR in the Metaverse — Play It Safe and Go With the Flow

Is the Metaverse the future of PR? I spent part of this summer in Dalarna, a picturesque and rural part of Sweden. My brother-in-law brought...

PAS for PR Writers

PAS in PR writing is a double-edged sword. We all hate reading unnecessary text to get to whatever solution we're looking for. "Get to the...

The Xennials

What are we, the Xennials, about today? I was born in 1979, in Sweden. A well-off Western country with a fair sense of national pride...

Influencer Inflation

There are exciting PR opportunities in reciprocity and in allowing customers to be influencers themselves — if only for just a little while.

Instagram Accounts to Follow

These are my favourite Instagram accounts to follow. Mostly nature photography, but also some street- and lifestyle photography. They're all master editors!

Youtube Channels to Follow

These are my favourite Youtube channels to follow. Find them here in no particular order.

I Was Blogging Before, During, and Long After It Was Cool

Blogging, at least for me, have always meant something beyond personal branding, content marketing, and online revenue streams.

Social Media is Not Evil — We Are

New media companies like Google and Facebook are powerful, but that doesn't make them evil. Paradoxically, they're too good for us to handle.

How to Come Up with Good PR Ideas

As PR professionals, we must come up with good PR ideas all the time. If you're stuck on ideas, then you can use this easy-to-use idea generation tool.

The Identity Test and My Apparent Lack of Conscientiousness

Two years ago, I took the most researched and well-documented identity test, the Big Five Aspects Scale. Here's what I've learnt about myself since.

PR and the Industrial Revolution

For PR to one day move beyond the industrial revolution is in itself not a failure — it's an accomplishment.

Social Media Algorithms and How They Rule Our Lives

We all know how social media algorithms work, right? Well, there's a lot about them that we don't know — especially when it comes to their filters.

Doctor Spin’s SEO Method

I often suggest a non-standard SEO method to my clients. With useful and noteworthy content on your website, the website will attract returning visitors.

A Squirrel is Just a Rat with Better Public Relations

"A squirrel is just a rat with better PR." All hail Buzzfeed's Nathan W. Pyle for making an awesome comic strip out of it.

Types of PR Paper

I have to share xkdc's Types of PR paper for, you know, reasons. Also, Randall Munroe is a genius obviously.

Lynk & Co — New Car Ownership Concept Coming to Sweden

The Chinese company that bought Swedish Volvo has created a new car brand, Lynk & Co. And it's now launching in Sweden.

The Useful Idiot Syndrome

By overcompensating to signal our personal moral value, we might be acting like useful idiots for those who doesn't support our agenda.

Never Use “Unique” in PR Writing

Many PR professionals, who honestly should know better, still cling to the word "unique" — even to the point of fiercely defending its use.

How to Write a PR Pitch

When writing a PR pitch, always begin by introducing yourself, clarify your affiliation, and ask for permission to state your business.

The Easy Street Strategy

I'm always on the lookout for the easy street strategy. Granted, I don't have any science to back this up and my thoughts on the...

The Social Media Brain

Your social media brain is under a lot of pressure. But a single fact still remains: Your brain — your responsibility.

Deplatforming as a public relations strategy

In digital strategy, deplatforming is one of the most aggressive tools that an organization can utilize. When should a platform owner deplatform someone?

The Best PR Quotes

If you run a PR blog, you sort of have to have a blog post with a selection of the best PR quotes. It's something of an unwritten law, I think.
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