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Here you’ll find all Doctor Spin’s articles on political communication, PA, and lobbying. Doctor Spin is Sweden’s leading blog on public relations.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Twitter's decision to ban political advertising plays to people's fear of data-mining and their distrust of politicians.
Power has shifted to "Tycoons of Mass Reach" alongside "Silent Miners", multinational corporations mining for data and tweaking algorithms.
In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the era of the techlash against social networks and the internet has begun.
A playbook for modern politicians aiming for "digital first". Are your local politicians keeping up with the times?
I've been supporting leading officials in the Pirate Party of Sweden with actionable PR advice to help coordinate their campaigns. Now, It's time to log off.
Jerry Silfwer aka Doctor Spin is an awarded senior adviser specialising in public relations and digital strategy. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.