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Why you need a spin doctor.

I help companies and organisations to communicate better.

Think of me as a secret weapon. I'm not a replacement for anything, just a unique individual you can add to your business arsenal.

What does this mean, exactly?

A big bank was feeling the pressure from a growing number of smaller companies with fresh business ideas. After a few workshops, I gave them an explosive new narrative which placed them back in a leading position as industry innovators.

A global fashion brand saw social media as their next big frontier. With a clear-cut strategy, I helped them organise, execute, and measure an influencer-driven approach that quickly led to a successful entry into the world of e-commerce.

A communication executive was given a new digital role within the company. I created a four-week training program for her and coached her every step of the way. She's now making a name for herself by successfully leading the company's digital transformation.

A SaaS felt that they had to close more business via their website. During four long meetings, I showed them on a whiteboard exactly how to outperform their competitors. The SaaS is now giving seminars where they teach others how to succeed with inbound.

A B2B startup asked me to step in part-time as their CMO for six months. I got junior talent onboard and taught them how to execute on the strategies I've created. After a successful launch, I assisted the startup in securing further VC funding.

These are a few of the 200+ stories I've been a part of.

Sometimes, I just help out with drafting a press release, writing ad copy, or getting in touch with journalists. Sometimes, I speak about PR in front of an audience. And sometimes, unfortunately, there's a crisis that must be managed.

You always work directly with me. And I will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. As you invest in my unique advice and perspective, you'll get it.

A few other benefits is that my business model have close to zero overhead costs. And I can easily work remotely, too.

My only two rules is that I don't work on spec. My time is valuable no matter what. And I never work with people who thinks that they are better than the rest of us — we are all just learners.

Do you have a communication challenge ahead? Might I be your secret weapon? It might be worth exploring, at least.
I'd love to hear from you.

I speak Swedish and English!