The easy street strategy

I'm always on the lookout for the easy street strategy. Granted, I don't have any science to back this up and my thoughts on the...

How to improve communicative leadership in organisations

Communicative leadership in organisations is a tall order. Do you know the single biggest challenge in communicative leadership for organisations? We need way more leaders...

Why self-assessment of business data is mostly a bad idea

All companies are using business data to evaluate themselves. But the worse the performance, the bigger the risk for skewing the analysis.

Now that digital has won, creative dominion will be the next frontier

When channels, messages, and platforms are perfectly optimised, what remains to compete with is employee creativity. Who will creatively outperform competitors?

Your strategy is bullshit

Most strategies are bullshit, unfortunately. This one-page strategy template will help you create real strategies that will help you win.

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