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The basic internet marketing matrix that I use

Many organisations are looking for ways to organise and measure their online activities. I like to use the Internet Marketing Matrix.

The world’s first crowdsourced racing team for electric bikes

The team is a Swedish crowdsourcing racing team effort with the funding from over 100 team members in support racing omission-free electric motorcycles.

A fond farewell of the press release

Is this a fond farewell of the press release? As a respectable PR blogger, I felt that it is my professional duty to share this music video.

17 cool brand tweets

A collection of cool brand tweets. Maybe it's time for your brand to go outside of your Twitter comfort zone, too?

The exploit PR strategy: Burger King and liking old tweets

In a recent campaign by Burger King, they liked old influencer tweets for effect. But using the exploit PR strategy does come with serious drawbacks and risks.