Dunning-Kruger Effect

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Taking On a Stupid Majority — the Ultimate Underdog PR Strategy

Identify a stupid majority and join forces with the smart minority to bring the giants down. It might just become the finest PR work of your career.

Snakes have legs — stop being dumb on the internet

Does snakes have legs? Well, snakes used to have legs, but that’s another story. And there are lizards that looks like snakes. But both are beside the point.

58 Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases

We should strive to be less stupid by studying logical fallacies and cognitive biases. This is helpful in PR, too, since we deal with human communication daily.

I’m a science-fictionist — a complete political framework

If I had to put a political label on myself, I’d call myself a science-fictionist. You should be totally free to be smart, but not totally free to be stupid.

Your Marketing Analysis is Probably Quite Stupid

I see many brands getting their marketing analysis wrong. Understanding insights and getting your analysis right are two very different challenges.