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Personality Test — The Big Five Aspects Scale

Personality Test: The Big Five Aspects Scale

Here are my personality test results from Understand Myself, recommended by Jordan B. Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

My Journey into Photography (2019)

My journey into photography is a highly visual story about slipping into madness. In this post, I've outlined all pivotal moments so far.
My 2017 Annual Review — The Year of the Early-Onset Mid-Life Crisis

My Annual Review (2017)

The year of the mid-life crisis. Review format inspired by James Clear.
My Official Phone Policy

My Official Phone Policy

Why I rarely answer unscheduled phone calls — here's my official phone policy.
My 2014 Annual Review

My 2014 Annual Review

The year when Jack came along and changed everything.
My Freelance Business — Spin Factory

My Freelance Business — Spin Factory

From April of 2013, I will be entering a new professional role. My agency will go under the name Spin Factory.
Jerry Silfwer aka Doctor Spin is an awarded senior adviser specialising in digital strategy and public relations. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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