37 Strange Swedish Idioms in English

Here's a list of Swedish idioms directly translated into English. Yes, as a Swede working in New York, I do say strange things sometimes.

Why we should teach kids how to code

All schools should teach kids how to code; code is the universal global language that allows anyone to convey new ideas across borders.

The Four Dot Ellipsis in Star Wars

Why are there four dots ending the intros and opening crawls in Star Wars? And is there really such a thing as a 'four dot ellipsis'?

Why AI won’t replace your PR department anytime soon

AI will not replace your PR department anytime soon, but each brand will need fewer and fewer PR professionals to plan and run successful activities.

10 years of slowly getting better at English

I decide to get better at English. Now, ten years — and many English sentences! — later, I'm hereby declaring this project to be finalised.