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Wohoo! Lisah Silfwer and I are now married!

Yesterday, on December 13th of 2010, I got married to Lisah Silfwer (Pettersson). We exchanged our vowes on a beach on the island Antigua, West Indies.

Lifelogging galore — Quantify yourself

GPS trackers, wifi body scales, sleep trackers, heart rate- and pulse monitors; the lifelogging list is pretty short still, but it won't be for long.

Use the value triangle to negotiate better

People will always be wanting you to deliver value. By using the value triangle to set people's expectations, you position yourself better.

The Epic Year Approach

How to live a fuller life? Design your own epic year by making sure to experience at least four life-changing leaps each and every year.

My 2015 Annual Review

Time for my 2015 annual review. The year of the serious freelancer.