Terms of Service

What data is being collected on this site?

There’s a Google Analytics script on this site. The data allows for me to understand how many visitors the site has and also how long visitors stay, what pages they visit and what buttons they click. It also allows me to understand some demographical data based on Google’s input. Please note that I can’t use this data to understand exactly who is visiting my site; I only acquire anonymous volume data. I use this data to better understand what content to publish and to better market my services.

I use a service called Sumo to provide pop-ups, forms, and some added tracking. Their script allows me to track some of the same data as Google Analytics. if someone subscribes to my newsletter, I also get a notification of that email address sent to me. The email address is then automatically forwarded to Mailchimp, my email provider. I use this data to collect relevant subscriber email addresses and to better market my services. By “relevant”, I mean users who have shown interest in the professional knowledge that I’m sharing here and elsewhere.

I have a Mailchimp script on this site. I use this data to automatically add new subscribers to my email provider. I use these email addresses to share my professional knowledge and to market my services. I never share email addresses with anyone.

I use Leadpages for some of my landing pages. They provide me with data on how many clicks a certain landing page might get. I use this data to better share my professional knowledge and to market my services.

I have Facebook pixels (scripts) on my site. They provide me with user data indirectly, allowing me to use some of that data to do paid promotions directly on Facebook using their ad tools. I use this data to learn more about Facebook marketing, to better share my professional knowledge, and to market my services.

I use Gmail to receive and respond to email queries from site visitors and subscribers. These emails are archived to allow me to remember if we had any conversations before and if so, what we talked about.

Please note: Since I’m running a WordPress (open source) site, I also use a range of third-party plugins, like spam filters, mobile adaptations, themes, forms, and so on. Some of these collect crash reports and other types of anonymous user data.

How are you using the data that is being collected?

1. I want to share my professional audience with a relevant audience. I collect usage statistics to continuously get better at this.

2. I’m a consultant and business owner and by sharing my professional knowledge via this site and my newsletter, I’m hoping to market my professional marketing services. However, I do not get paid by any third party to update this site.

3. I do not run third-party display ads on this site and I do not sell ad- or editorial space on this site. If I promote anything besides my own professional consultancy services via this site or via my newsletter, I’m doing so because I’m endorsing them without getting paid for it.

5. I also collect data to learn more about how data can be used by digital marketers in general. So, what I learn from running my own site adds to my overall professional knowledge as a consultant. However, I would never share any knowledge about any specific subscriber with anyone.

What if I don’t want you to collect any data about me?

1. When prompted, make sure to never accept any cookies from this site. 

2. Do not subscribe to my newsletter.

3. if you have subscribed to my newsletter, follow the unsubscription link at the bottom of every email and your subscription data will be removed.

Please note: I respect your privacy and your right not to be tracked. If you need any assistance, make sure to contact me for further assistance and support.

How do you, as a blogger, make money?

I’m a PR- and marketing consultant working full-time for an agency where I own a part of that company. However, the agency isn’t paying me to run this site in any way. I write what I want and I link to whatever I want.

Even though I don’t make any money from this site directly, it might function as a marketing device for my professional career, whether creating awareness for my potential skills or the services offered by anyone mentioned on this site. Still, I do not accept any responsibility for any third-party services or products mentioned on this site.