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Lynk & Co — New Car Ownership Concept Coming to Sweden

A new car brand, Lynk & Co, is launching in Sweden.

Wifey and I had started to look around for a slightly bigger car than our Audi sedan. We weren’t quite decided, but we were thinking about going for a Volvo XC60.

We live in Stockholm and neither of us needs a car to get to work, neither do we need a car to get around in general. We do like to make domestic road trips to visit family and we do like to get away on various trips to nurture our shared passion for nature photography. But we could make do with car rentals; our son’s school is on walking distance and our groceries are delivered to our door.

Timely enough, something new and interesting seems to be launching in Sweden. In short: The Chinese conglomerate that bought Swedish Volvo has created a new car brand, Lynk & Co. For 5,500 SEK (approx. 550 EUR) per month you get a car. Now, this sounds a lot like leasing and leasing a Volvo XC60 would cost 5,000 SEK (approx. 500 EUR) per month.

Lynk & Co — an interesting car ownership concept coming to Sweden.
Yes, the car industry do need all the innovation it can get.

However, Lynk & Co is launching their cars as memberships. You don’t have to pay tax, insurance, road assistance, or service. Everything is included. And you don’t have to lease the car for a minimum of 36 months, either. And the electric hybrid comes fully integrated with online technology which makes it easy for you to share your car with others.

You can drive 1,250 kilometers per month. If you don’t use up your kilometers, the app will transfer them to next month. If you drive more, you pay a small fee per extra kilometer — much like a typical leasing agreement. You get a notification when your car is due for service and the company will even pick your car up for you.

As a digital comms professional, this is very much how I myself would’ve designed a car ownership. It feels … fresh. Now, I haven’t tried the car yet, but the Lynk & Co 01 seems to built on the Volvo XC40 framework. And that’s promising, I think. Volvo makes solid cars.

But most importantly, I think the car looks good. This is, of course, down to personal taste and preference. But I do care about whether or not a car loks good or not. And visually, the Lynk & Co ticks the boxes both for wifey and I!

So, we’ve put ourselves on the waiting list. How long will it take? I have no idea, but I’ll make sure to update this post once we get some sort of notification of when a car will be available.

Lynk | Business Trends | Doctor Spin
Blue or black — and two types of hybrid engines.

Update: We managed to book a test drive. To be continued.


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