Communication by Deliverables: 3 Better Strategies for Remote Work

Listen to this article. 1. Remote work is primarily a cultural challenge. Many organisations have...

Public Relations — Coronavirus Advice for Businesses

Businesses are notoriously known for exaggerating positive news and to downplay negative news. In times of the coronavirus, this is not a good strategy.

How To Optimise B2B Content

How to optimise B2B content? Inbound marketing and B2B content publishing is giving brands lots of control. But the drawback is that it require more work than most would realise.

The Future of Online News: How To Attract “News Lovers” to Premium

The future of online news doesn't include paywalls. Instead, news lovers should be enticed with a fuller experience version of what they came to find.

Wired public relations

The new spin. Public relations used to be mostly about getting publicity and managing the news. Now, brands connect directly with their publics to build their own loyal brand audiences.

How many true fans does your brand have?

The Publics in Public Relations

The psychologist John Dewey (1859-1852) formulated the concept of publics as a result of situational stimuli.

What is Public Relations?

Can there be a unifying definition of public relations? This is the story about the difficulties of finding that definition.
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Digital Strategy

The key to a successful journey is being prepared and having figured out out how to tackle any obstacles along the way.

Your Brand Has Zero True Fans

The insight that should hit some community managers like a ton of bricks is that many brands have ZERO true fans.

Taking on a Stupid Majority — The Most Efficient Underdog PR Strategy

Identify a stupid majority and join forces with the smart minority to bring the giants down. It might just become the finest PR work of your career.

Iceberg Publishing — The Cooler Way to Grow Website Traffic and Conversions

A great website can be so much more than the sum of all pages linked from your site's navigation menu.

Social Media Marketing

Social media for brands can be fun, engaging and sometimes provocative. The challenge is to give your brand audience what they want.

How Ghost Followers Are Destroying Your Account

How do you beat social media algorithms? A small, but highly engaged, community is way better than attracting huge bulks of ghost followers.

The Magic Middle — The Nash Equilibrium of Influencer Marketing

Instead of going big every time, consider the Nash equilibrium and pitch Magic Middle Influencers instead.

How to Scale Social Media Marketing Organically with Dunbar’s Number

Trying to scale social media marketing won't work, but tapping into several different and pre-existing interest group systems does.

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery in Star Wars

Why are there four dots ending the intros and opening crawls in Star Wars? And is there really such a thing as a 'four dot ellipsis'?

Übergeek Edition

Sometimes you just want to dive head first into some obscure subject, right? Even if it has nothing to do with your job or your everyday life.

Weird stuff is the best stuff.

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery in Star Wars

Why are there four dots ending the intros and opening crawls in Star Wars? And is there really such a thing as a 'four dot ellipsis'?

Twin Peaks Season 3 Finale Explained

The Twin Peaks finale left me sad and empty. But what if I was wrong and the actually show ended on a positive note?

The Human API — The Dawn of the Cybernetic Renaissance is Upon Us

What if humanity is just a 'Human API' — and we're in the first stages of a 'Cybernetic Renaissance'?


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