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I review every year — only to learn that things rarely go as planned.

My 2018 Annual Review

Time for my 2018 annual review.

In this post, I’ll do my best to answer these three questions:1

What went well this year?
What didn’t go so well this year?
What am I working toward?

This post is also sparked by my post The epic year approach. The Epic Year Project is my attempt at hitting four major life events (“memorable milestones”) each and every year.

Here we go:

1. What went well this year?

Lost 12 kg and made myself physically stronger. Got into a healthy exercise regimen and started loosing some unnecessary weight. What got me started and kept me on track was a variety of pulse training programs. For some reason, my body and general mood seems to respond well to physical activity measured not by time or resistance, but by time spent in different pulse zones.

Abandoned ship. I was the first to leave the agency startup I was part of. Now, I don’t blame anyone for things not working out, but sometimes you realise that you’re in a group with different visions for the future. I don’t regret giving it a go, but I’m mostly proud of being able to eject myself sooner rather than later. And, the agency itself actually closed up shop about five months later anyway. Live, learn — move on.

Videography and photography. Taking photos has now become a consistent part of my life — and I love it. It has helped re-connect with nature and it’s such a privilege to let go of work and just focus on being creative for creativity’s sake. Also learnt a lot about video as well and it would be fun to explore it a bit further as well.

Paternity leave. Since things didn’t work out professionally, I made good use of my time by making sure to max out my paternity leave this year. Every day I get to spend quality time with Jack is a meaningful day and I’m almost sad that he’s growing and developing so fast. A part of me is wishing that he would stay four years old forever.

2. What didn’t go so well this year?

Accounting fiasco. Turns out my accounting firm has done a less than stellar job with my books. This became terrifyingly apparent as I decided to change to another accounting firm. We had to literally undo and recreate all the bookkeeping all the way back to 2014. Long story short: I’ve literally paid twice as much tax than I legally should. So, good news is that I’ll get some money back. Still, I’d rather have those years of stress undone.

The video idea. For 2017, I had this idea that video production would be a great business. Turns out that corporate video2 is still nice-to-have rather than need-to-have.

3. What am I working toward?

Land a new job in the first half of 2019. So, this one’s going to be tricky since I want to go for a corporate role within marketing, communications, or PR. Now, this is tricky because everyone I know thinks of me as the quintessential agency- or advisor type. I must get back in the game after my paternity leave and hustle.

#365photochallenge. The idea is to push myself to post a photo a day on my Instagram account for the whole of 2019 with the aim to get better at both photography and editing. Also, I’m hoping that this will push me to get out with my camera more often.

Cover photo by Jerry Silfwer (Prints/Instagram)


  1. This format is inspired by James Clear’s annual reviews.
  2. This is only partially true; my network quickly made it clear that they rather preferred to retain me as a communications consultant instead of some wannabe film-maker. And they were right, of course.
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