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French Press Coffee

What you will need:

  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • French press
  • Filtered water

Grind fresh coffee beans coarse.

Boil filtered, cold water. Pour some of the water in the French press to pre-heat it a nice little bit. Then, empty the French press and add coarsely grind coffee beans. If you’re quick, slow down a bit. You want the water temperature to come down a bit before pouring it over the coffee grind.

Pour over water and stir gently. Let it rest for 2 minutes. Take a spoon, break the soft crust and gently scoop out some of the yellowish brown foam on top. This will remove a lot of the bitterness. You don’t have to be particular about this step, just get the worst of it out.

Add the pusher, but down push it down yet. Wait another minute. Sorry.

Press down slowly without stirring up too much of the grind having sunk to the bottom.

Since the coffee now is done and it has the taste it should have, I prefer to pour it over in a Thermos directly to avoid the coffee being in contact with the beans for longer.

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