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Mindhunter (2017)

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Of course, there’s a science to even how the most disturbing people behaves. And this is what the Netflix show Mindhunter is about.

As a big fan of the popular tv series Criminal Minds, I was eager to learn more about how the BAU, the Behavioral Analysis Unit, was created at the FBI in Quantico.

I wasn’t disappointed; the show tells the story about cutting through the red tape of the FBI — and the chilling interviews with several notorious serial killers.

Mindhunter does a fascinating job of portraying the emerging field of creating behavioural profiles of serial killers, but the side stories are far from as interesting as the main storyline.

As a long-time fan of Dangerous Minds (tv-series), it’s a pure joy to gain some insight into how the unit was once formed within the FBI.

The audio design in Mindhunter is insanely gripping and chilling. It’s utterly fascinating to glimpse into the mind of a serial killing unsub. It’s an uncomfortable examination of the darkest aspects of our modern society.

The main story is accompanied by several side stories, but these side stories are far from interesting enough to complement the overall storyline.

Moving from the first to the second season was seamless, but halfway through the second season, the creators just lost their grip on the main storyline which instead turned into an odyssey through traditional police work and bureaucracy.

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