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Odd Projects

I like to list my personal projects for learning and later review.

The Pencil Project

When stumbling across several pencil blogs (yes, that’s a thing), I felt that distinct urge to learn more. Also, the pencil community (part of the fine stationary family) seems like such a friendly and passionate bunch of lovely nerds.

I don’t know much yet, but there are, of course, different kinds of pens. To my knowledge this far, these are the general categories of pens:

  • Micro gel ink pens
  • Fountain pens
  • Plastic tip pens
  • Multi pens
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Machined pens
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Wooden pencils

All of these types of pens seems interesting, but it’s clearly wooden pencils that strikes my fancy.

Image credit: Graphite Confidential

My penmanship is nothing to write home about, and my drawing skills are only slightly above average in my own estimation. But I’ve been a notorious note-taker all my life. Now, I realise that I need to start using wooden pencils for all my physical note-taking.

Now, I don’t yet know what approach to take here:

Either I embark on a journey in search of a favourite wooden pencil and sharpener — and stick to them. Or, I make a point of collecting a variety of charming wooden pencils just for the fun of finding and testing.

For now, I’ll just make sure to enjoy learning more about materials, design, history, traditions, genres, and manufacturers.

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