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A community manager’s job description

What exactly falls “under the jurisdiction” of community management?

‘Community Manager’ is an increasingly popular job title.

I think of the community manager (also known as social media manager) as a classical conductor, dedicated to showing the online community (the orchestra) how to get in sync, never through force or coercion, but by using the magical powers of suggestion alone.

It’s an important job, to put it mildly.

So, what exactly falls “under the jurisdiction” of the community manager?

I’ve outlined several typical responsibilities here:

  • Develop- and drive the inbound marketing strategy.
  • Adapt corporate messaging for social channels.
  • Manage online influencers and secure magic middle collaborations.
  • Transform social media channels into customer experiences.
  • Iceberg publishing: Set up landing pages and compile lead magnets.
  • Drive traffic, interest, leads, and sales to landing pages.
  • Monitor the online community proactively and reactively.
  • Analyse and optimize for increasing relevant online conversions.
  • Run the email marketing- and the autoresponder program.
  • The follow contract: Strategically follow, follow back and unfollow in social media.
  • Manage online reactions on owned, earned and paid platforms.
  • Deal with online trolls and handle online issues management.
  • Continuously evaluate and report on community reactions.
  • Manage and engage the brand’s true fans.
  • Prepare and manage any online crisis.
  • Manage online customer service when it appears within social networks.
  • Train executives and specialists on how to use social media.

I would suggest that these scopes of work are amongst the most important in public relations for most types of companies.

So, I would recommend to either a) look for talented social media naturals to hire or b) train your existing team in the fine art of community management.

The community manager appreciation day

Many community managers I talk to, tend to have this one thing in common. They often feel under-appreciated. No wonder the profession has their own day every 4th Monday of January — the Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Photo by Borna Bevanda on Unsplash.

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