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Influencer Marketing Tiers

How to Categorise Influencers in Social Media

How do you categorise influencers in social media? A standardised terminology is now emerging. But is it any good? Learn the model's strengths and weaknesses.

Greta Thunberg — The Swedish PR Phenomenon

Many of Greta Thunberg's critics would be accurate — if only they aimed their harsh words against media logic instead of her PR campaign.
The Selfie Generation Must Grow Up — Exploring Different Levels of Social Media Maturity

The Selfie Generation and Social Media Maturity

Will the selfie generation figure out what it means to be grownups in social media? Or will we remain infantilised kidults?

The Media Minification Myth

The minification of the media landscape might be a formating illusion. We do in fact love long stories.
The Digital Playbook for Politicians — 14 Essential Behaviours to Adopt Today

14 Digital Habits for Politicians

A playbook for modern politicians aiming for "digital first". Are your local politicians keeping up with the times?
How to Build a Personal Brand

How to Build a Personal Brand

We all have the tools we need to build our personal brands. And by using this personal brand framework, you can, too.
Jerry Silfwer aka Doctor Spin is an awarded senior adviser specialising in digital strategy and public relations. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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