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Mark Zuckerberg’s Voice and Free Expression Speech Analysed and Commented

When the world's most powerful person speaks, it makes sense to listen carefully.

Media and Power — The Tycoons of Mass Reach and the Silent Miners

Power has shifted to "Tycoons of Mass Reach" alongside "Silent Miners", multinational corporations mining for data and tweaking algorithms.

Algorithmic Poison — Beware of Ghost Followers

How do you beat social media algorithms? A small, but highly engaged, community is way better than attracting huge bulks of ghost followers.
Data Warehouse

Get a Data Warehouse — The First Step to a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Datadriven PR- and marketing is the future. But the time to invest in a data warehouse is now, not tomorrow.

The Superbrands of the Future will Provide Digital Habitats for Online Citizens

Will there be superbrands also in the future? Will we see the Facebook’s, the Amazon’s, the Apple’s, or the...
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