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Lynk & Co — an interesting car ownership concept coming to Sweden

The Chinese company that bought Swedish Volvo has created a new car brand, Lynk & Co. And it's now launching in Sweden.

Unsolicited advice

After nearly two decades of consulting, I've learnt that it's a bad idea to splash valuable but unsolicited advice far and wide.

My home office setup — the C19 edition

Like most of us white collar workers, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking it's time to go away, I've been upping my home office setup with some new gear.

Loose now, win later

A lost race isn’t necessary a bad start. Winning and loosing aren't mutually exclusive.

My 2020 epic review

Time for my 2020 epic review. In this post, I'll do my best to answer these three questions:This format is inspired by James Clear's annual...

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