Goals & Lifestyle

The simple ikigai self-test to validate your direction in life

Like many others, I'm fascinated by the concept of ikigai (生き甲斐). Use this simple self-test to evaluate the direction of your life.

Personality test: The big five aspects scale

Here are my personality test results from Understand Myself, recommended by Jordan B. Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

The things that do attain — practical poetry for complicated times

The things that do attain. To me, this is the wisdom of stoic philosophy encapsulated in a poem.

My 2018 annual review

This is my 2018 annual review and this was a dead-end year with lots of learnings. The review format is inspired by James Clear.

My 2017 annual review

The year of the mid-life crisis. Review format inspired by James Clear.

From the archive

My fucket list — a bucket list of 23 things to never do

It's popular to write bucket lists of things to do before you die. But why not also write a fucket list of things never to try?

My annual review (2016)

Not my best year, but I got a nice award. Review format inspired by James Clear.

The ‘epic year’ approach

How to live a fuller life? Design your own epic year by making sure to experience at least four life-changing leaps each and every year.

This is my phone policy

Why I rarely answer unscheduled phone calls — here's my official phone policy.

My annual review (2015)

The year when I decluttered my life.