Call-To-Action — Save the PR Industry

You and I must save the PR industry. And there's only one way forward that's fast and agile enough—online education.

How to Come Up with Great PR Ideas — The List Method

PR professionals must come up with great PR ideas all the time. If you're stuck on ideas, use this easy-to-use idea generation method.

A Squirrel is Just a Rat with Better Public Relations

"A squirrel is just a rat with better PR." All hail Buzzfeed's Nathan W. Pyle for making an awesome comic strip out of it.

Types of PR Paper

I have to share xkdc's Types of PR paper for, you know, reasons. Also, Randall Munroe is a genius obviously.

Never Use “Unique” in PR Writing

Many PR professionals, who honestly should know better, still cling to the word "unique" — even to the point of fiercely defending its use.

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