The Xennials

What are we, the Xennials, about today? I was born in 1979, in Sweden. A well-off Western country with a fair sense of national pride...

PR and the Industrial Revolution

For PR to one day move beyond the industrial revolution is in itself not a failure — it's an accomplishment.

Woke capitalism is becoming a serious PR problem, too

Woke capitalism is influencing a growing number of PR professionals and pushing them to forget about one thing — the business function.

How to navigate the moral war of political correctness

There’s a moral war raging for our minds. As a business, do you side with the alt-left or the alt-right — or do you find a way to stay clear?

A$AP Rocky and Sweden’s Bureaucratic PR Disaster

Sweden is losing in the court of public opinion against A$AP Rocky. From a PR perspective, Sweden isn't doing itself any favours right now.

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