Never Use “Unique” in PR Writing

Many PR professionals, who honestly should know better, still cling to the word "unique" — even to the point of fiercely defending its use.

Stakeholders in Public Relations

Stakeholders are a central part of public relations. The PR function must find a balance in developing and managing their various information needs.

How Alone Is Your Brand?

Is your brand alone? In the age of algorithms, no brand can punch through the noise all by themselves. They need the help of a brand community.

Unique selling points are powerful — but should be used with care

Unique selling points are powerful, but as they have a finite shelf-life by design, we should always be careful not to make it only about them.

How to improve communicative leadership in organisations

Communicative leadership in organisations is a tall order. Do you know the single biggest challenge in communicative leadership for organisations? We need way more leaders...

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