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The best PR quotes

If you run a PR blog, you sort of have to have a blog post with a selection of the best PR quotes. It's something of an unwritten law, I think.

How strugglers and smugglers achieve success differently

There are strugglers and smugglers. Strugglers are tight and disciplined and they never skip a beat in achieving success. Smugglers are nothing like that.

1,500+ amazing science videos

Between these Youtube channels, there are close to 1,5K science videos for you to choose from, so you should find something new to learn.

The acceleration theory

The acceleration theory on why it's less important to reach maximum velocity fast, and more important to prolong the acceleration phase.

Top 10 introvert myths we must eliminate

There are plenty of introvert myths floating around in society. As an introvert myself, I think that we must get better at eliminating these myths.

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